Small victories

Today I snagged a grocery shop. Why is this a small victory? Because it's at the Fry's I usually shop at and it is about half the size of 90% of the other Fry's in my area. I've been trying to snag this one for weeks but it's been obvious that there is someone else very close by who also considers this a prize. They are usually able to grab it long before I see it. So today I had my small victory. Tomorrow, who knows?

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.

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LOl!!! I considered it a small victory when my scheduler gave me a calendar of when jobs would be posted in the future. Sure helped me snag a lot more of them! Maybe you could ask the scheduler; if they will give you the info, you'll know when exactly to look!
cease, that's an awesome idea! I tried that with my sports bar, and the scheduler said the client decides when to post the shops.

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My small victory yesterday was convincing a mechanic at WalMart to break the rules for me. The weld on my muffler mount broke, and being a holiday there were no muffler shops open. I am too large of a mammal to get underneath with a coat hanger, lol.

edited to add: The store manager went to bat for me, then said she hoped I wasn't their shopper. I lauged so hard, and told her I was just a merchandiser, but my alter ego mystery shops their competition.

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Fry's has groceries? I thought they only sold electronics. Anyway, Congrats!

proudly shopping in the D.
There used to be Fry's supermarkets where I live. They changed their name to SaveMart. We still have Fry's Electronics here.
We have both Fry's Electronics and Fry's Supermarkets. There's only one Fry's Electronics in the area but lots of Fry's Supermarkets. I almost never go to the electronics store because it's a PIN to shop in other than I occasionally do mystery shops there.

What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.

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@ceasesmith wrote:

Walmart is shopped? LOL!!!
She said she thinks it's in-house, as they always show up 1-2 days before the regional managers come by.
I have always wanted "that footwear shop". That would be my small victory. Someone else always gets it.
Oh, you mean the "famous" store, where you get "free shoes"?

Tried that one once. Worst shop EVER. You are not allowed to buy anything on clearance, and the cheapest shoes I found were close to $100. I'm not doing all that work for a $35 DISCOUNT on a pair of shoes I don't want and can't really even afford, even after the discount!

Yes, I didn't buy shoes. Yes, I got a flake citation.
@ceasesmith: SAS is shopped. If you do not like famous/infamous shoes, you could get a few bucks for completing SAS shops.

My recent personal victory was simply to do a dining shop. It was dinner. After I finished the second job of the day and drove an hour to a restaurant. .I managed to get all timings, spell all words correctly, and get paid for my efforts. This was my personal little triumph on the lurching journey toward other types of dining experiences. The town that had this restaurant also has steak house shops. Yum! Am I brave enough to try one? grinning smiley

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San Antonio Shoe company. Best walking shoes EVER. I wore them to Paris on my honeymoon, I think I walked 100 miles in them comfortably. I've been a fan ever since! And that was 1983!!! LOL!!! And they are available on the company website.
@PaulinMI wrote:

Fry's has groceries? I thought they only sold electronics. Anyway, Congrats!

When Mr. Fry died, his children didn't want anything to do with groceries (the family business). They sold out to Kroger and took their proceeds and started the electronics store.
@ceasesmith You have just blown my mind about SAS. My grandmother used to wear them in the Classic Comfort Style. Since she was Scandinavian, my child brain just assumed they were some sort of Scandinavian company. Not until this moment did I know otherwise.
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