Post Office HAZMAT CDU....

Who in the world designed the Post Office customer display unit (CDU)??? When the clerk asks you if your package contains anything hazardous and directs you to the CDU to answer, the No button is red and the Yes button is green???

So, in essence, when I select no (my package does not contain anything hazardous) it is colored red which is the universal color for danger or stop. When I actually do have a hazardous package and select yes, it is colored green which generally means ok, or good-to-go.

Who in the world thought THIS was a good idea...


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Yes, I've had the employees point out this flaw and they say customers are often confused.
There’s also a glare.
Additionally, in most cases, you have to use the stylus since it doesn’t work by touch very well.
And the new chip card readers are almost flat against the unit's base so you need to wedge your fingers in and hold onto the machine with your other hand to get your card out.

I am so glad I am not the only person who is slightly annoyed by this. I have the fear of breaking my credit card (LOL).

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