Post office menu board question

The instructions say to look for a diamond or triangle in the lower right hand corner in order to identify a type of menu board that needs to be properly placed. After years of shopping yesterday I finally spotted one with a star in the lower corner and was so excited to finally find one. Got home to double check the rules and it turned out the star was not one of the two symbols. Even the picture examples in the guidelines do not have any symbol in the lower right hand corner. So I have just always thought if anything looks amiss it must be a poster. Usually all they have in my area is what are probably posters and they are outside in the customer area. Has everyone cracked this mystery except me? How do you tell? I should have asked this question long ago!!!

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I've struggled with this myself. The instructions mention the diamond and triangle but then in the next sentence say if they do not have a symbol in the lower right corner then they are not menuboards, leading me to think maybe any symbol counts (which would make more sense from my experience.) I've been only marking off for diamond and triangle boards in the wrong place but it seems like the stars are meant to be included also.
I have asked on both forums and gotten varying answers. Diamonds and triangles were current about five years ago. Even the scheduler gave no answer. Said she would call to discuss it. Never did. I mark them as not current then add in the comments what symbols were there but I am pretty sure that I am wasting my own time doing this because they probably change it to "Current." I know for a certainty that the instructions are wrong as the signage has changed many times over the years but the instructions regarding them have not. Frustrating.

I always mark them as okay as I never see what I think are the ones they want. I never see any bottom corner symbols. So I just assume everything other than the regular blue menu is a poster. The other day the regular pricing menu was on the back wall behind the clerks and one lone board with the star was on the side wall. So it was behind the counter but not on the same wall and side by side with the pricing menus and close enough that I could see the star at the bottom. If it had been with a diamond or triangle would that have been okay?
We may never know. But if they're on a sidewall that's a "No... located elsewhere "

And, since the instructions do not have the actual "current" symbol, we all have different interpretations of the question. Some of us may answer that the boards are current because there is some type of symbol and others may answer NOT current because there are no diamonds or triangles. So the post office is already set to fail based on the shoppers' individual interpretations which is not fair to them. I am pretty sure that the client has the final say on what they are looking for so they are just sabotaging their own people. Or maybe "everything's made up and the points don't matter."

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