I'm new to this looking to make money

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I don't think any of us make money doing mystery shopping. All the forum posts here are from people who do mystery shopping for fun and to waste time/money. So it isn't worth your time to read some of the posts here instead of just posting a question without reading the forum first.
To be clear: Yes, you can make some money doing this. Do NOT expect to get rich.Some folks do this for a living.... If you are going to put together a income, it will take a lot of work and planning. Don't expect to make a bunch of money in your first month. However, if you work things well from the get-go, your income will increase quickly thereafter.

Yes, read the forum. There is a TON of information here. Start with with the posts in the New Members area. Ask questions as they arise.

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.
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