Tips on gas station shops/not audits?

I just signed up with the msc that does the 4 to 7 minute gas station shops. I thought this shop seemed okay until it said stay annoymous but wait make sure you make it obvious that you are the shopper by taking a picture of the fuel pumps? What regular customer is going to do that, and how in the world do you take an exterior photo of the store and not been seen by the employees...These shops do appeal to me, so do you have tips on when you take a pic of the pumps and exterior of the store and not get caught doing so by the employees?

Never mind, not sure how to delete posts, but I looked at a couple example photos..looks like it isn't a separate photo but getting the pumps and the store exterior in the same shot?

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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90% of clerks aren't watching you like a hawk and won't even notice. Make note of what the clerk was doing before you entered. Were they on their phone? Were they stocking shelves or doing other tasks inside? Then they are going to go right back to that afterwards.

As I am not certain which brand you are referencing (could be a couple options based on what you describe), you could possibly take it from your car as you pull into the station if you roll down your window (you will need to allow yourself enough room), frame the shot, and either drive back around the fuel island, or back up. I wouldn't do this until you had more experience. Otherwise, pull up further then you need to, turn your phone on from the car act like you are texting, do a slow walk around your car, take the shot, and then pump. Make sure the pump is not obstructed if you do so.

Depending on the brand, you also need to be looking for more things then just taking the required photos. To do this, again, roll your window down, drive around slowly, and snap those infraction photos, if needed. Don't get your car in the photo, though. Scope out the station while fueling to see where the infractions will be so you know right where to drive to.

If the location is done monthly, and you get one of those clerks that does watch, chances are they already know what you are doing and don't care.

A good tip (when you have a little more experience), too, is during the mystery portion, wait (if necessary) until there is another customer in the store, and watch them in the corner of your eye and time it so they are right behind you in line immediately. When you're gone, the clerk should be focused on that customer and not you, so be ready to take those pictures as soon as you walk out.

For the exterior, drive into the business across the street (if possible) and take it from their lot. You'll be too far away for the clerk to respond even if they do see you.

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You should easily be able to take the exterior photo by going across the street. I agree with the above post, that the clerk won't notice.
I've done many of these shops, never had a problem just walking over to a pump and taking a pictures. The employees never come outside anyway.
Most of these in my area are full service locations. I need to out myself pretty much 80% of the time

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
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