Is it Possible I just dont live in an area for Mystery Shoppers

Hey Yall! I live between Columbus and Macon GA. Is it possible that there won't be any work for me? Atlanta is too far away to make it worth it. I don't know what to do. I really want this to work.

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How many mystery shopping companies have you signed up with? Most of us here are signed up with at least 50 of the companies on our list. Many shoppers are signed up with 200 or more. If, after signing up with a bunch of companies, there are not enough jobs in your area without driving, maybe you will not be able to make it work for you. But, before making that decision, I would sign up with at least 100. It really doesn't take that long to sign up with companies and the time you spend is an investment in your business.

Here's a list of companies:
I decided this year to start signing up for more companies. I have signed up for about 30 so far. My question is, how do you find out about the shops? Do you spend time going to each website every day? That is already taking me a couple of hours to do with just this many companies. I don't seem to get emails from all of them, and I at first assumed that meant they did not have shops available. Then, I started going to their job boards and discovered there were shops in my area, but I wasn't getting emails about them. How do you manage your time so that you don't spend hours finding shops with all of those companies?

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After 2 to 3 months you should get a feel of which companies have assignments you like. That is how i hone in on companies i pay attention to. I sign up to receive/accept emails from all the companies but ones that bombard me, i send to the spam folder. I check the spam folder a few times a day to see what's new. Since they are in the spam folder, they don't clog up my inbox and get deleted automatically after 30 days. I had over 1200 emails in my spam folder this morning.
Heather, have you looked into Marketforce and Trendsource? Those are two MSCs that I am fairly certain will have shops in your area, as the clients they have are nationwide. Other companies who might have shops there are Intellishop and Maritz, who also have some major national clients. Sign up and look.
I set up a specific email account just for mystery shopping. That way I’m not sorting through personal or unrelated email.
After a while, you’ll know which companies have shops nearby. My advice would be to expand your search radius beyond what you ideally want you area to be. For example, if you’re comfortable shopping within a 50 mile radius, search with a 100 mile radius. You may be able to find clusters of shops (often from different companies) that make the extra drive worthwhile.
What I do is look on boards of a few MSC’s that I know always have shops in my area, then I look at the other MSC’s boards to find any shops to add to my day.

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I have a small child and often cannot do shops outside of home so I do many call shops. They don’t pay a whole lot but once you get into it, it gets easier and faster, and money adds up. For call shops, you can live anywhere and there are many companies that offer call shops.

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Actually that is not a great use of a spam folder. It can adversely impact other shoppers because the ISP could start blocking the domain after repeated notifications of spam.

Some shoppers use keywords or other devices to have the emails sent to a special folder they have created. The emails are not marked spam yet the shopper can delete them all with just a couple of keystrokes.

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I use RoboForm. They have a trial/free version. It helps with filling out a bazillion MSC applications. Also, try this: []

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Invest in JobSlinger Plus... it comes out to like $6 a month. Organizes all SASSIE MSCs in one place, fills out the forms for signing up etc. — Well worth it; it’s the first place I always check. They do have a free trial.
I’m new, too, and live in an area where I didn’t think there was a variety of shops. I signed up for more companies and have found quite a few that I really like!

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create an email just for shops and look at it 3x a day, early mid day and evening. I get a lot of emails because once a company sees that you do a good job, they may email you first, I even have a few schedulers who call me on my cell for last minute shops with bonuses.., I would recommend you check some sites early morning but that is very time consuming if you are registered with a lot of companies like I am.

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I check Marketforce, IPSOS, and Alta360 regularly -- sometimes more than twice a day.

I check the job board here (for newbies, you have to click the drop-down menu "show all forums" to find the job board), PrestoInstaMaps, and a couple other job boards regularly, because they have jobs from LOTS of MSCs. If there's a job I like, I sign up with the MSC if I'm not already with them.

These job boards cut my job-hunting time considerably.
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