fee for reveal gas audits

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I wish I could get $50 for each and every one!

I am NOT one of those people who can do an audit and be out of there in just a few minutes. I really allow myself 45 minutes to an hour -- and count on another hour for the report.
Like CoffeeQueen, I decide based on the amount of dispensers. I'll do a four-pump blue station in good condition for base pay if its on route, or near my route. Otherwise, I'm aiming for $20-$25, or more, depending in different factors.
There are too many factors to just state a price.
Is it on your route already? How many pumps? Time of day restrictions? Is the station typically well maintained (less infraction photos)? Any reimbursement for gas/ store purchase? Picture of every pump or just one? Is your area highly saturated with shoppers?
Consider all these things when deciding your price.

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
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