I am needing help with the mspa website. I signed up for the 30 dollar a year membership. I cant seem to figure my way to certifications and job boards or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I read I could get a free certified on there and I cant do anything.

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Hi Cora, I wish you would have asked the forum about it before paying for MSPA would have gotten a majority of forum members letting you know it's unnecessary to join MSPA and some would say it's a waste of money. I did join when they offered free membership a few years ago and it was not one bit helpful. I never go to their website. Many years ago (2003) I went to a MSPA gold workshop for shopper certification that I enjoyed and I think in the early 2000's it was beneficial to have gold certification, but I haven't noticed any benefits in quite a while. Additionally, there are many, many shoppers who have no certifications and are very successful. Keep in mind that the MSPA is mainly an organizations for MS companies, not shoppers.
For that reason, the MSPA should strongly consider making their certifications free to shoppers. It's a way of vetting shoppers for their MSC members, which in turn would make the MSPA more valuable to MSCs.

The MSPA should also consider developing other types of professional development for shoppers besides their conferences. They recently presented a free webinar, led by one of their member MSCs. I'm sure it did not cost them anything, which is why they should to do more stuff like this.


Keep in mind that the MSPA is mainly an organizations for MS companies, not shoppers.
MSPA is the first trade association I've ever known to use vendors of their member companies for some of their funding with little to no benefit for the vendors. Most of the time the association is funded strictly by the member companies since their job is to advocate for those companies. Free certifications for shoppers would provide more benefit to those companies.

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