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I am considering doing a shop that is 45 minutes from my house. This is a bank shop that has been unclaimed for over a month. Currently the pay is $20 with a $6 bonus. At the end of September I believe the bonus had increased to $10. I have done 4 shops for this company with a\n average rating of 9.5 out of 10, I would like to ask for some distance pay but have never done so. My concern is that asking will put me on bad terms with the scheduler or that they may not give me the shop.

I am looking to do my first "mini" route and this shop will help make it worthwhile. I am still new to shopping so I am working on a positive reputation. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I have been called by several MSCs asking me to do a shop. I'll ask them the address and if it's too far for me, I just say I can't do it for that much. The scheduler will then usually say they have to ask the supervisor what type of bonus they can award for the shop.

If they need it completed bad enough, they will be happy to give you a bonus. And I'm not talking about the $2-3 one MSC thinks is a valid bonus.

I've had one shop that they gave me a $125 bonus on a $75 shop because they needed it done badly. It was a little over an hours drive each way, a half hour at the place and another 30-45 minutes to do the report. I figured this would cover my time and gas and tolls.

It had no affect on my relationship with the MSC. As a matter of fact, they actually started calling me more frequently to do shops they couldn't get scheduled.

I also just had a $20 shop get a $10 bonus because I asked and they needed it done.
Asking for a higher bonus shouldn’t negatively affect your relationship with the scheduler/MSC.
As for how much to ask for: what amount would make you feel the shop was worth it for you? Add 20% to that number and ask for the corresponding bonus. This gives you some room to negotiate and still make enough for the shop to be worthwhile. For example; if the shop pays $20, but I would need $30, I ask for $33. I’m still happy if they counter with at least a $10 bonus.
In real life, I rarely ask for bonuses unless a scheduler contacts me directly, i.e. not a mass email. Otherwise, if a shop doesn’t pay what I would need, I pass over it and find shops that do pay what I need. Not difficult in my area, but not an option everywhere.
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Tell her the amount you're willing to do it for and that you hope she's able to find someone closer. Approach it that you're willing to help her out if she gets stuck, and to keep you in reserve. That way, she can keep looking for someone closer (or cheaper) and you're the good guy for offering to help.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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