Mystery shop end report

Today we went to a little chinese joint where the food is above average. It's not close to us so we go anytime we are in the neighborhood. I noticed on the wall they have the report from their mystery shop. In fact they have it framed.
I just thought it was vaguely interesting because I've never seen the end result before. They had the score (98.2%) in very large bold letters with the breakup of each department beneath. It was clearly formatted to hang on a wall.
The company was About Face.

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I have seen similar once and it was for a medical uniform supply store called Scrubs and Beyond.

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I have often seen this at my local grocery store and at a couple of mid-level casual dining places.

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Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
Well at least they didn't have a framed picture of the mystery shopper hanging on the wall!
Right? The mystery shopper could have been there while I was. A guy across from me finished eating and then went to the cashier and asked for a receipt.

@kenasch wrote:

Well at least they didn't have a framed picture of the mystery shopper hanging on the wall!
I sometimes wonder if locations I am at, outside of shopping, is being shopped because of some of the things that people do. Or maybe, our instructions aren't as awkward as I think sometimes.

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This is a little off the topic but I did a shop for a cellular company that I don't think has been shopped before (new client for msc). I could tell because the customer service was terrible. The salesguy couldn't have cared less and right after he talked to me he went in the back room. Mystery shoppers make a difference especially in sales.

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There is a place that I visit every once in a while and on the wall above the register it had a frame and it said ____ Mystery Shop 100 % (Or something simillar) and it in the frame it had two or three months for 2018.

I have never noticed that before. Not sure if it has been there or it is somehting new that they have put on the wall.

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