Love it when a favorite restaurant is frequently shopped and there aren’t many shoppers in my area!

I love that [redacted] is shopped several times a month and there don’t seem to be a lot of shoppers for [redacted] in my area!

Still miss the B-Dub shops, even though there were lots of shoppers there were many close enough locations. Speaking of BWW went a week ago and it took 64 minutes to get our food for a party of 10 which isn’t that many people really. Maybe they should reconsider their program.

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I love new shops at smaller chains. It seems to me it takes some time for many shoppers to try a new place that opens up for mystery shopping when it is not a retail name that is well known. I have had a luxurious year or so of easily nabbing jobs at new places in my area. Then suddenly it seems these shops are discovered and after that they are very difficult to get.
I love it when my favorite restaurant is shopped by a first rate company that gains shoppers by referral instead of using an open job board and who loves when shoppers travel to locations where they can put a random person into the rotation.

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I do wish they would wear their frickin name tags though. There are always 2 people not wearing them. It would also be nice if they could hit the rest of the yeses (they consistently miss a couple).
A. It would be nice to see results.
2. It would make my reports easier.
I agree, we have a few small new franchise's and I got two the past two months, great food.....would go on my own to both. Just got a favorite small chain after they changed MSC;s, doing it tomorrow. Not talking about it, because when I do, I talk myself out of a job.

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It's cyclical. Out here, I shopped the Mediterranean chain until I was sick of hummus. Haven't seen these shops in a while & now I hope they come back.
I will never get sick of hummus but the chains that have it I find are not very tasty. We have a very small chain here where I live with great hummus. It has character. I cannot imagine it would ever be shopped. Standards for most places in the mystery shop world would ruin the ambiance (or lack thereof) in my favorite places to eat.
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