Gas station phone numbers

Of course everyone knows the MSCs have to added a new requirement every time a round of shops come out, but the latest one has me stumped. For a Non=revealed gas shop they put a phone number in one place only and then ask if the phone number is correct. If it is not,you have to ask for the correct one. How do you do that without shouting shopper? The number will not come up on the app so you can see it. The best option is to call before you go. I understand that. So how do you ask for the phone number without being obvious? Then how do you remember the number until you get to the car to write it down? Most of the time they do not even tell you.
Just wondering if I'm the only one this bothers.

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True, they keep adding new stuff. I don't do non-revealed stations but can see this as a sure give away. However, it is what they want and if I were doing a non-reveal and this blew my cover, so be it. Just following instructions.
I call and just pout that it is disconnected and I have never asked for a phone number while I am in the store.
Why not look at your receipt?

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I try all than. If you are lucky it will be on the window or receipt, most are not, at least in this area,
Yes, we are supposed to find out but it really doesn't matter. If it is the brand I'm thinking, it also asks if the address supplied is correct. I have specific locations which have had a wrong address supplied for over 15 years. So why do they even ask if they do not use the information they obtain from the answers? It just bugs me. But I keep giving honest info anyway, as useless as it seems to be.

You can check the number at somewhere at gas station or you can also find it online by he name of the gas station. But sometimes it became difficult to find numbers of Gas stations in rural areas.

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