Phone call from Belgium

I just received a voice mail asking if I would take part in a mystery shop for (Garbled) Mystery Shop company in Belgium. The call cut out a little, and it was hard to hear. Since they used my correct name, I'm inclined to think this is legit. I am signed up with some international companies. Does anyone know anything about this? I don't want to return the call unless I know it's for real.

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I got the call too. It was from Helion. It's quite annoying as they keep calling and calling.
Got a call from Belgium early one morning, maybe this is what it was. I did not answer it nor did they leave a message either.
It seema like a legit MSCz I have not worked with them. I am curious to see if anyone has experience with them.
I got the call and I asked where the nearest location to me . It was too far so I did not ask anything else.

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They contacted me through Shadow Shopper and have called me twice this week at 6 AM. I told them via a message that I was interested in the job but they give very vague information about what it is, what the pay is and when they want it done.
I wasn't very nice when they called me at 7 AM. They need to learn there are rules dictating what hours they're allowed to call people.
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