Restaurant buddy in NYC/LI

If anyone ever finds themselves needing a +1 for a restaurant shop, maybe we can team up? I'm in Queens which is where I usually do restaurant shops, but Brooklyn, Long Island, and Manhattan are all convenient enough for me. As of now, I'm only ever able to do shops on Saturdays due to my wifey's work schedule. I have time most weekdays for lunch shops, but no one to join me. No one else has ever been interested in going with me. "So we have to follow rules?!" they will gripe. Wifey supports my "hobby".

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Hi mizg, I'm in Flushing, Queens and love restaurant shops. Don't see too many lunches. I have a guest, but in case he can't make it......
I'm in Manhattan every month for a couple nights. I don't generally take restaurant shops while I'm there. I've had enough by the time I've finished up a full work day and would rather do literally anything else. smiling smiley

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
But Hoju, if I read the OP right, he is looking for a companion -- so you'd get the meal, not have to do the report!
Let's do this! I read that the other way... I'll be there Friday night.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I'm based in Manhattan (Upper West Side) and would be up for this. I also work in Long Island a couple of days a week. Please message me if you want to connect on this. I'm also occasionally in need of a companion for shops if my regular go to is not available. A few of my friends have been a bit less understanding of the "rules" - continuing to talk when the waiter approaches our table, ordering the most expensive thing on the menu and sending me a text that it's okay because they'll pay the extra, ordering cocktails at the table because they didn't feel like wine at that moment, being too assertive (flagging waiter if their water goes below half), or in one case, sitting down and stating their full order including dessert when the waiter just asked for a drink order because they "don't like to hold the menu". I never notice these things when we're just out to dinner, but on a shop, I'm infuriated! Please reach out if you want to connect up and see if we are compatible diners!
Fun fun! Anyone is welcome to private message me obviously, and then we can exchange email addresses.

Also just by the way: I'm female smiling smiley

vlog: I work in Flushing a couple times each month. We are super close to each other!
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