ARE there Ulta shops? I go there and it's over $200 for my hair and I'd LOVE to be reimbursed some!


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Is it that much for hair? I have not cut my hair in like 20 years (it's pretty long). Hopefully they are coloring it also for $200
I did an Ulta shop years ago, probably like 5 years. It was easy but more involved than the fee/reimbursement warranted. I think it was somewhere around $5 reimbursement and $7 fee.
Red Brick scheduling (NOT the MSC) was recruiting shoppers for Ulta a few years ago.

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I love Ulta and used to go there for my hair color. My stylist knew that I mystery shopped and told me that they do get mystery shoppers but I have never seen one for hair. I did do a mobile photo audit at Ulta but it was just taking pictures with no purchase necessary.
@tlin wrote:

I just recently did an Ulta brow wax shop, but have not seen one for anything else.

I've done this one too. Fairly easy but found getting the selfie photos just right to be worse than taking pizza pictures!
@JessicaV1979 wrote:

I just got an email for a “quick cosmetics audit” for Ulta. It only pays $9 though...

Yup! These are easy!
I just viewed an Ultra audit, but not enough pay for the work.

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The Ulta audits are worth it when they have a bonus attached. I would not do one at what they are offering now.
i figure, I have to go anyway...........so, ..... my conditioner alone is $29!

I see a master stylist.
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