What is with the privacy policies on the Sassie platform?

For some companies, I am greeted with a privacy policy agreement to 'sign' when applying for a shop that is sent out by mass e-mail, even after I have agreed to it dozens of times over the last several months (for that same company). And sometimes after doing so I just get a fatal error message instead of the job board. Usually if I log in to the site with a bookmark instead of an e-mail offer, no problems. Who would be responsible for this glitch?

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That happens to me also when trying to apply for some shops from my email. I don't know why.
And I have never seen that.

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It has happened to me numerous times. Everyone send an email to Sassie about it.........now.
It has happened to me too with probably 3-5 companies. The new privacy policy was months ago...very strange.

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