How do you not feel cheap not making a purchase?

Today I had a retail clothing store shop that pays $25. A purchase was not required but I just feel so awkward going into the store, browsing for 30 minutes, trying stuff on, interacting with the associates, and then not buying anything. I ended up getting a pair of sunglasses that were $125 on sale...making my net profit -$100. They are really cute, but still! I think I’m gonna just stick to bank shops...they are better for my wallet!

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I would recommend you stay away from new car and new home shops.

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I feel this on a lesser level when I'm doing credit card shops. I take up 20 minutes of the associate's time, go through the steps of filling out an application, only to refuse to sign the application at the last second.
Remember, please that the time that they spend with you is allowing the employer to find out who needs additional training. Better that than relying on "real" customers who tend to report only anything they see as bad. And, having worked in retail I am also well aware that many, many customers do exactly what we do, without buying anything in the end. My advice is to go with a set sort of merchandise in mind to browse or ask questions about. Then find that nothing in stock is "just right" for the person that you are buying for. Or, say that you want to check with that person's {mom, spouse, partner, etc) before making a final selection. That is what "real" customers do and it does not upset sales clerks unless the customers has been a serious PITA. Relax. Take a deep breath.

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Feel cheap? I AM cheap! I would consider it a personal failure to make a purchase unless the shop guidelines said I had to. Then it would be the absolute cheapest thing in the store or only up to a reimbursement amount. My motto: NEVER pay retail!

Having also worked retail sales, it’s not at all unusual for customers to browse, try on items, ask questions, etc without making a purchase. If the sales associate asks why you aren’t buying today, they’re just doing their job by trying to overcome your objection. Lots of people walk out without making a purchase, just remind yourself that there’s nothing out of place about it.
I have learned not to do LV shops. A 5k purchase would really cut into that $30 profit. If the store is too tempting, maybe avoiding it would be best.
@LisaSTL...too funny!

@JessicaV1979, I don't purchase every time I go into a store for personal reasons. And I HAVE taken up the time of sales people. If I liked how they treated me, I always made sure to get (or keep) their card so that when I was ready for the purchase, I would get in touch with them...but there have been many times I have been "browsing" or "comparison shopping..." personally and have decided to not buy at that time.

Don't feel bad, as @walesmaven said, it's usually real customers who have a gripe who give feedback, so it's good that we are there and are "neutral...."
I don't feel cheap because I'm there to do a job, not shop. I'm there to evaluate the retail space, the associate's skills, etc.

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Unless it's something that I need and not buying it is detrimental to my health, I never feel cheap for not making a purchase.
Addiction to shopping is what the clients hope will happen......finding something you "have" to have, I've done it on a shop or on my own, but I learned to use self-control, think about do I really need it . Stores are used to the browser, if no one browsed, no one would end up purchasing. I need it to be a really good buy, which I find at stores like Marshall's, who have name brands. My Saks days are sister worked in couture at Saks for 50 years, much shopping went on then, those days are over and I'm fine with it...but I still have certain things and wear them on occasion, remember, you get what you pay for.....I do not feel "cheap" not buying on a shop.

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@ceasesmith wrote:

LV = Louis Vuitton?


I was really convinced I had to have this black leather bag. I have a bag from Costco I paid $20 for, it works just fine. It's even a cooler.

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Sometimes I get a tiny frisson not of "cheap" but of "guilty" -- mostly for taking up the (commission) salesperson's time, knowing I'm not going to buy anything.
@Niner wrote:

50 years?!? That's dedication.
yes, she loved the store and the designers loved her, and gave her an outfit every year. She started at 18 and retired at 80 (60yrs). We flew up to San Francisco every Thanksgiving and bought something nice with her 30% discount. Long story, but it's over.... before clothes were being made in China...smiling smiley Clothes made in Paris or Italian leather, the best...I could go on and om.

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The only times I have felt bad for not buying were when the sales person was setting a new standard - at least in my experience- for what a phone/TV/investment vehicle/fill in the blank salesperson ought to be. In other words, somebody who by virtue of their product knowledge and willingness to work for the sale actually deserved it.

Other than that, no. I'm just there to do a job, and many times it's the person's own company who has arranged the encounter.
Stores are used to the browser, if no one browsed, no one would end up purchasing.

I browse stores all the time on my own without purchasing. When I need something--I know where it is. And I am not shy telling friends about the stores with great customer service. Corporate of a certain womens clothing store sees fit to send me coupons to spend $10.00 or 20.00 with no minimum. The sales associates have made comments to the point I would not actually spend money at that store.
Especially in clothing stores, it's not at ALL uncommon for me to not be able to find anything that fits me correctly and walk out with nothing. With other retailers, I am not an impulse buyer, so I frequently collect info on the first visit and return another time to purchase. From the comments, I don't think I'm the only one who shops this way, so I don't think we as MSers stand out for this reason.

Something else that helps is I'm not susceptible to being pressured into purchasing. (In fact, if I feel like the associate is trying to pressure me, I am less likely to purchase because I'm stubborn like that.) If you're more sensitive to this kind of pressure, it might help to keep clearly in mind what you are there to do, step by step. If you still feel awkward, maybe work out a backstory in your head (i.e. the reasons I mentioned above - couldn't find anything that fit, collecting info - or another reason like maybe you got a text/need to leave the store early, etc) so that it feels more natural to you. Just a thought.

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I tell them, truthfully, that I used to buy everything that I liked but that had an issue that didn't work for me, and now I try to stick to stuff that I have no reservations about so I don't have an overly cluttered life. They understand.

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I don't feel cheap at all doing the sales inquiry shops. The double GG's, British plaid, and appliance shops? "I really like this one. Would you please write down the style/model # on a card or give me a brochure, so I can pass it on to Santa?".
I shop on my own all the time and don't buy anything. I don't feel cheap! I spend as little as possible when Mystery Shopping. As Sestrahelena states, "I'm here to make money, not spend money."
@Niner wrote:

@ceasesmith wrote:

LV = Louis Vuitton?


I was really convinced I had to have this black leather bag. I have a bag from Costco I paid $20 for, it works just fine. It's even a cooler.

Jeez... I just use recycled grocery bags...
I never feel cheap. I am there to do a specific job, and evaluate the customer service I received during the shop. The client wants to know how the employee or associate did, not what you bought. I owned two Hallmark stores at one time, and the associates were trained to take care of the customer, and to ring up the sale and make pleasant conversation with him/her as customer.
If I worried every time I need to do a retail shop and get reimbursed for it I would be out of business as a shopper. You will catch on as you stay in this business longer. Best wishes.
I used to shop a store often that required me to make a purchase and return on the same day. Since I did it weekly, I'd buy something this week that I'd return next week, at the beginning of the shop, which "flowed" better for me than coming back 30 minutes later to do the return. This is what the MSC wants now, and I hate it, so I don't do it that often. Who comes back to a free standing store 30 minutes later to return some little impulse buy?
^Those that impulse buy and realize they do not need and/or cannot afford the item? Everyday people?
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