Blue Station Pump Count and Selfie Pics

A couple of different requests than last year: If there are 2 or more waves or koalas that have empty slots, the requirement is to take at least 2 different photos of those elements that are not up to standard - meaning - if there are for example 10 koalas at a site of which 5 are not up to standard, the shopper must submit at least 2 photos of the non-standard koalas.
Then, there are the diesel requests even if there is no mention of a diesel audit. The shopper must answer questions about the site having (1) separate diesel only pumps under the forecourt. If yes, do they have diesel pump toppers? Take a pic. (2) Even if there are no separate diesel only pumps under the forecourt, there is the question of mixed use pumps (diesel and gasoline). If there are, is the diesel handle color, correct (gray or green)? If not submit a photo.
I always take photos of the diesel pumps, whether there is a separate diesel audit or not. I do it as a matter of doing the shop.

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Every year there are more requirements added for the same shop fee. Sometimes some requirements are removed to help that, sometimes not.

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Okay. Not having to answer seven questions for each pump is a real time saver, but honestly I thought the old system of clicking "No pump present' for nonexistent pumps was much quicker than having to type in each pump number manually. Scroll, type, scroll, type, etc. That's fine for smaller stations, but the blue stations tend to have more pumps on average than the yellow stations. I vote to bring the old system back, lol.
only thing that annoys me is having to write time in/date/shopper id on the LOA before going in. always almost forget to do this.
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