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If I were a scheduler it would make me uncomfortable to get gifts from a shopper, and I wouldn't want to give out my home address to anyone, that's for sure!
That might be inappropriate and there might be company rules about accepting gifts from shoppers.
I think a better gift for a scheduler would be if you took some hard-to-fill locations that might not be in your area, then did the shop promptly with a timely submission.
Nonsense. I sent a scheduler a gift this year for Christmas.

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A scheduler sent me an Instant Pot for Christmas. Apparently he got tired of me saying I had to head home to cook dinner. Problem solved, he thinks.
I was going to send it to their office. Kind of for everyone at the company. I was wondering if it was unethical or some uncomfortableness involved.
Yeah, that's much different. Many schedulers are IC work from home, but under your circumstance it sounds ok.
It depends really. The scheduler I sent a gift to is someone I would consider a friend "outside of work." I don't know if it would be considered unethical but if I was a scheduler at a company and someone that I didn't really have much to do with outside of scheduling sent something I would feel like it was an attempt to get more work. But that's just me and like @JASFLALMT said I'm really weird.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
A shopper buddy and I invited a favorite local scheduler to lunch at a place near her office. She accepted; a great time was had by all and we never ran out of topics of interest. She then insisted on a separate check, saying that she knew that we would understand. We did.

For most schedulers, the best gifts might well be emails celebrating the fact that you finally got an appointment with an elusive target.

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Sending a scheduler a gift is kind of an apple polisher move. Personally, I wouldn't do it.

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Never crossed my mind, send my scheduler a gift, why, would seem like a bribe.
None of my schedulers live anywhere near me.

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My favorite scheduler always picks up the tab and probably writes it off as a business expense.
I sent a small gift card to a scheduler after she gave me a shop that ended up saving me $500+. I cannot lie: I totally did it so that she'd remember me the next time those shops came back up. Sadly, she then left the company, so I couldn't count on those assignments again. <tear>
This industry just has a different culture, I guess. I personally haven't mailed any gifts to any schedulers, project managers, etc., as I haven't made a significant amount in a company to justify any gifts hahaha; however, I have received a nice Starbucks gift card or two from select companies from their project managers for some of the long-term projects I worked with them.

In my full-time career as a pipeline engineer, I work with many other parties in my projects, with many working from home at their home offices. Around Christmas time, that's when the nice and thoughtful gifts come in, with my favorite being those boxes of Dietsch Brothers chocolate covered pretzels from a consultant I worked with in years ago!

To loop back to the main topic with the world of mystery shopping, I personally wouldn't be offended if I received gifts from those that made me a significant amount of money throughout the year, with my recent experience from receiving even just a 'thank you' card with a $10 Starbucks gift card, which more than enough and I appreciated very much.

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I just had a good laugh thinking about this again.

An MSC owner has an extra (vacation) house in a city that I was visiting. They let me stay there, so I would not have to get a hotel room. I fixed the dryer, cleaned the kitchen and let the exterminator into the back yard while I was there. I crack myself up sometimes.

I've made a boatload of money with them, and they have made a boatload of money from my work. Nice deal for everyone. I never sent them any gifts.smiling smiley
I love food and I love sharing food with people I like. It brings me joy especially when I know it's food they really like. So, yes, I have sent food gifts to a scheduler/owner whom I consider to be a friend. I didn't/don't expect anything (shops or gifts) in return.

I have also received gifts from schedulers/owners. The thoughts counted more than the monetary value of the gifts.
I really like to get holiday cards/thank you's from Schedulers/ shows caring and is appreciated.
I guess I'm not personal enough with any to get or give gifts, plus not knowing them, I find it strange (for me)
to send or receive gifts, however not saying it won't change, just hasn't happened in 12 years, and if sending to one, where do you stop?

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I find it odd some would consider it bribery or think the schedulers should send us gifts. If you consider the MSCs our clients and the schedulers our point of contact, it really would be quite normal to send something. It is common for vendors to send something to their customers. It is certainly not feasible for us to gift every single scheduler at every single MSC. OTOH, if we work with someone regularly and/or make a large share of our income from them, I don't see anything unethical. That said, I have always just opted for a personal email.

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Having many more than one or two favorites, I find it odd to give to one and not another. My personal taste is to keep business as such and give gifts to family/friends, although a card is gift of choice and receiving one is nice, not having one regular employer, it seems strange and unfair to give to one and not all. Keeping life simple, I don't give gifts to schedulers, and am happy not to receive any as I may feel I'd need to do favors for repayment. Someone I'm very close to says when on a first date, she pays for herself so there's no expectation at the end of the meal...I like that. There's no right or wrong, just what one is comfortable with....very well could be taken as bribery (of sorts).

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My employer has many clients and vendors. There is a strict policy for gift receiving. Prohibited. I see and understand the bribery viewpoint.
@Madetoshop wrote:

My employer has many clients and vendors. There is a strict policy for gift receiving. Prohibited. I see and understand the bribery viewpoint.

Yep I work for a large, billion dollar company. Every year we take compliance training on the gift issue.
Have experienced an absurd workplace 'gift' thing. During pre-work chatter, I was showing my current calendars that I brought for my cubicle. Each year I do something different, and this is the year to rotate the calendars and their images and sayings. These items are transportable, and they do not remain permanently in view. Somehow, the viewer thought that I was offering them a choice of free/gift calendars. I felt like a stranger in a magical, fictional bazaar. Picture it: The negotiation reaches $3 American. Then, they affirm, "Okay Twenty three American". Immediately, they scream over the sounds of my protests, "Hey, so-and-so. Wrap the whoosie whatsie. Sold for twenty three American". In my situation, I chose to let them have the calendar that they 'chose'. I did not want to cause a scene, make them wrong, or otherwise draw attention to this weird happening. Later, someone else found me another copy of the calendar that had gotten away from me. All is well now, for me. I hope that all is well for the person who has the first copy of my calendar.

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There's a difference between giving a $10 Starbucks gift card and something of more substantial value. If $10 is seen as bribery, the recipient isn't making enough...

That said, I'm with bgriffin here. I sent my favorite scheduler a little something along with a family Christmas card (the photo kind); it's a "thank you" for her hard work and a reminder that she's appreciated. Doubtful she is going to suddenly decide to hand me the lucrative shop that SteveSoCal is getting every time just because of a photo and token.

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Don't send Coyle anything. His wife gets mad. Really bad idea. It's a long story from over ten years ago, and I don't recall which female shopper did it at this point.
I have not thought about the gift nor that I have a that close of a relationship with any schedulers but I donated $20 to GoFundMe page for my favorite scheduler (daughter’s medical expenses) and she appreciated it.
I worked for a huge multinational company. I had to take a compliance course and pass a test every year. I was not allowed to receive a gift worth more than $25 (once per client per year), and I could not give a gift worth more than $10 (and that gift was to be paid for by me, not a company expense). This strict policy sometimes created awkward moments overseas in cultures where gift giving is much more common. It was very awkward to have to return what was meant as a thoughtful thank-you.

I asked a scheduler if I could send her a small item I had acquired overseas for very little money. She told me that she could not accept any gifts, regardless of value, per MSC company policy.
@Madetoshop wrote:

My employer has many clients and vendors. There is a strict policy for gift receiving. Prohibited. I see and understand the bribery viewpoint.

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