Reports with drop down menus

I just did an appliance shop today. When I printed out the shop it seemed simple enough. I did the shop, and went to enter the data, suddenly there were drop down menus asking questions you were never told about.

Has anyone else seen this? This was a shop for IPSOS.

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I've never had that to happen. I just did a few shops for them yesterday. I know to be on a lookout for it now thanks to your post.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
I have not done a shop for IPSOS like that but have encountered many for other msc's. I rarely work for one company that I used to love when they changed to a system of drop down sections.
Yes, it's so irritating when that happens--usually on the Shopmetrics platform.

What I do now is click on the link near the top of the form (above the address and name) where it says "open worksheet." That opens up a very different-looking page which has all the questions for the shop, that is printable with no drop-down menus.
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