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For the past several months, I've had all sorts of issues with any MSC that uses SASSIE. The worst issue is that when I click on the job board, I can only see clients that start with the letters F and H...on a good day I can see a client that starts with the letter I, or sometimes even D...I've emailed folks at the MSCs and asked if they can ask someone at SASSIE to help me, but they say they "can't."

I've tried everything I can think of, even clicking "additional filters" doesn't help because the clients in categories it doesn't want me to see don't show on the drop down!

The only way I can see the shops from the rest of the MSC's clients is when I get an email from the MSC showing each state/city that has available shops for that client.

What a horrible hassle! Has anyone else experienced anything like this? And this is only one of the issues I've had with SASSIE the past couple of months..did they update their system?

Better yet--does anyone know how I can contact someone at SASSIE to ask for help? I've tried searching and it's virtually impossible (as far as I can tell) to contact someone sad smiley

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I cannot recall her screen name exactly, but a Shoppers View rep named Christine jumps on here often, always being helpful. Her company has a Sassie platform. Shoot her a PM and she might submit a support ticket regarding the matter. I may do the same.

Since they (Sassie) updated in the past 6 months or so, I have encountered too many bugs to list. Their help department does not live up to their name. Example, one MSC was not displaying my shops as "done" in my Mega Log. I emailed the "help" department and was told the specific MSC was not a Sassie MSC. I replied, stating why they were, and sent a screenshot of proof. No response.
I have been summoned! smiling smiley

Hi, mystery2u. I'm sorry to hear that you're having so many issues with SASSIE. That sounds incredibly frustrating! I haven't heard of an issue like this before. Unfortunately, SurfMerchants, the company who owns and runs SASSIE, does not offer direct shopper support. The best way to get support with issues with the SASSIE platform is through a SASSIE company you work with. However, it seems you are not having any luck with that either.

I can suggest a few basic troubleshooting steps. When you encounter these issues, are you using a phone, tablet, or computer? SASSIE works best on a computer. If you are using a computer, here are some things you could try:

-Using different browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
-Ensuring that your browser, Flash, and Java programs are up-to-date (reinstalling them completely might help)
-Clearing your cache and cookies on your browser to see if that helps (helpful article here if you aren't familiar with that process: [])

If those steps do not help, I could send a support ticket to SurfMerchants if you're registered with us and see these issues on our Job Board. If you do, I would need some more details and screenshots. You could email me at

Edited to add: I'm not sure if every company has this option, but we have a link on our Job Board that says "Back to Classic Job Board". This takes you to an older version of the SASSIE Job Board without the map where you can search by country, state, or within X miles of a zip code. You can sort the resulting list by state and city, due date, or "company" (which is whatever industry the MSC tagged the job as; e.g., retail, bank, restaurant, etc.). If the new Job Board isn't working for you, this might be a workaround. The link is located in the top left of the screen on the Job Board page.

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