Reveal and Reward with Lower Pay

The newest round of gas station reveal MS for one MSC has seen the gas reimbursement dropped from $17 to $10. These are fairly lengthy jobs with 12 or so photos, printing forms etc. Are these decreased due to the lower price of gas do you think? I've done these for a couple years and the pay has always been the same. I emailed the MSC about it but of course they won't reply.

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That's a huge reach to correlate gas prices with their contracts with these mystery shopping companies. And you'll definitely not get a reply, as the MSC's contract with their clients are confidential and none of our business anyways. Either way, $10 is waaaaay to low for a reveal, IMO, as the quickest I'm able to do these, would typically be around 45 minutes WITH submitting report and time on-site.

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