Holy Moly this car wash shop is going to be a doozy!!!

I always enjoy car wash shops, but the ones I've shopped are not the full service and the report never takes more than 10 minutes. The new area that I live does not have an abundance of shops or msc's and I have not been seeing any car wash shops.
Very recently a car wash shop popped up, full service, It had a low fee, but it is full reimbursement, right now my car is filthy inside and out so it definitely needs the wash. I was able to snag the shop, but I didn't realize what I was getting myself into. The shop it self seems a bit complicated but I'm sure after I do it the first time it will get easier.

this is the yuck part. I was looking over the guidelines and it was one of those annoying reports we all complain about on here..5 to 6 individual yes or no sections with an overall narrative on each section and then a narrative section at the end where you have to reiterate everything you just wrote into one long narrative...
now I know for next time, but the actual report will probably take 1 hour if I'm lucky, might end up going to 2 hours. It's a new msc for me, so I will be triple checking everything..Yikes guess I will have to hold out for a higher job fee next time, but can't complain too much, since it is a free car wash, as long as they accept my report..

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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Oh, you'll be fine. You seem like a sharp gal. So, even if the report takes an hour and a half the 1st time - what did the shop pay? Was it a full service wash? Where I live, the middle priced wash at the good places are almost $30. You can be txt'ing yourself notes while they're wiping down your car & rubbing the tire shine on. Chin up!

The form of a report you indicated as well disliked, hit the "nail on the head." If I screw-up and select such a shop, unless the remuneration is commensurate with the work, I learn by my mistake. The only possible reason that comes to my mind for such a requirement, is to impress someone; in my opinion, it is totally unnecessary.
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