Pizza Ranch

I used to do these shops for a major MSC. They emailed me a week or so ago and cancelled the shop I had scheduled for this month. Does anyone know if they lost the contract? Has another company picked it up? I shop ND and SD and occasionally MN.

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I had signed up for a Pizza Ranch shop for this past weekend. But like you, I received an email from the MSC that the shop was cancelled. Although I shop frequently for this MSC, I had never done a Pizza Ranch shop before (there aren't many locations where I live). I asked the MSC if they could tell me why the shop was cancelled, and whether there would be any more in the future. They replied that the client requested the cancellations, and that they did not know at this time if there would be more shops in the future. So I'm not entirely sure if they lost the client or if there was just an issue with this month's shops.

On another note, I had signed up for another food shop with this MSC (fast food) that I've done before, and those round of shops were also cancelled. But shops at the same client, but with different order requirements, are still available.
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