Krispy Kreme menu boards after dark?

I'm doing a Krispy Kream tomorrow and it would be much more convenient if I could go after dark (the shop is allowed until 10 p.m. and the location is open even later). Has anyone had any issues taking their menu board pics after sunset? I have an iPhone7 Plus, so a decent enough phone camera, but the guidelines' warning about not having washed out photos is giving me pause.

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You have to get fairly close or you won't get a clear image. Don't use flash. I never tap on the screen, but some people do.
They watch the drive thru from the store. I find it slightly difficult to get the photos.
I had issues with one of these and I also used an iphone7 plus. This msc screwed me. One month they accepted a photo and the next with an almost identical photo it was not accepted. Shortly after I emailed about the shop I was deactivated.
The scheduler actually advised me to snap a pic quick while driving through even though the shop instructions imply otherwise
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Sometimes I will complete the assignment and then park my car and walk up or from a short distance and zoom in and get the picture. I feel less stressed or pressured then trying to get it quicky.
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