Attn: Gas Station Auditors

I learned something today. Maybe I was the only person who didn't realize this to begin with, but a customer at a station showed me a trick. He was pumping nearby and could see I was taking multiple pictures of the pump across from him. I was taking them because of those LED lights on the pump always blinking in sun glare, and I wanted the lights to be on for the pic I put on the report. This is probably a dilemma for all of us.

Usually when a customer approaches me, I get ready for them to ask me questions, but this guy was cool, and works for some company that deals with LED lights. He could tell I was having an issue with them. Simple trick he taught me: Put sunglasses in front of your camera lens. Stops the blinking, doesn't ruin picture quality. Works like a charm!

Thought I'd share, unless I was the only person who didn't realize this already!

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Wow! Cool! Thanks for the tip. And no, you're not alone with that dilemma! Thank you!
I’ve always chalked that one up to “you get what you get.” What a great tip!

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Think its bad for a photo, try taking a movie of them dang lights. Get the same effect that you get watching propellers spin in Youtube videos. Although the deal with the sunglasses I will have to try.

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