I'm wondering if I will get an answer or a slap on the wrist

Today I was filling out a report for Market Force and came to a question that was flagged because my answer was not possible for the kind of store I was reporting on. Now, I have pictures to prove that my answer for the store was indeed possible. And, I think that I identified the kind of store correctly based on MF diagrams. So, I emailed the help desk and told them that I could not move the report forward because of this error and would be awaiting their response.
What usually happens when you can't finish a report on time because of a reporting problem? Will they email me an answer or will they send me an ugly email that says I missed my deadline and am now cut off from further shops?
If needed, how do I go one step up the ladder for an answer?

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I would answer the question to the closest choice possible and then explain it in one of the narrative sections if available. If there is no area to add comments, then email the Help Desk after finishing the report. I think it’s best to finish the report and then explain the problem with a question.
I have problems with reports before; usually, after e-mailing the help desk, they keep the report open for you until they answer your question.

OTOH, the other poster is also correct -- you can put in the answer they want.

My experience with that is totally mixed. I have tried inputting the wrong answer (the one they wanted) and explaining, explaining, explaining. I have also tried e-mailing and waiting for an answer.

I have had both work, and both not work.

Good luck, and keep us posted.
Sorry that I didn't get back to this sooner! I finally just answered like they wanted. I sent an email telling them what I really saw in case they wanted to attach it to the report. I never heard back from anyone and the shop was accepted. I do not know if they attached my email or not.
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