1099 time

For those concerned about January payments, think of the MSC accounting departments this month and their January 31 deadline.

Before this becomes a "trash the MSC thread", I'll head it off at the pass.

A high percentage of our (us that is, the IC mystery shoppers) individual accounting departments have no excuse.

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In addition, please remember that 1099 issuers can have extensions for several reasons; but the IRS has no staff issuing those at this time, due to the shutdown. The only folks IRS has called back (at no pay) will be handling taxpayer questions and/or processing refunds, according the the recent press releases. Even in more "normal" times it is not uncommon for 1099s, regardless of industry, to dribble in all the way through February.

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Here is a breakdown of agencies affected by the shutdown: [www.slate.com]
If it stretches into the end of the week, it becomes a RIF.

(Not discussing politics; simply providing a source for a chart graphic.)

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