Blue Gas stations.

I set out to do my route .I verified on the web site that the stores still existed and called them for hours.
When I got to the city I was working in I learned that Circle K has rebranded all of them to their brand. I called the mystery shopping company and they said after verifying with the store that it is no longer blue branded I just had to get a picture of the MID and total site was easy work but I hope I get paid

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If this is the brand and MSC I assume it is, you will get paid. But no gas or product reimbursement of course.
I could not submit the form without making a gas and product purchase. When i clicked on the box that said it was rebranded but still wanted pictures of gas and product receipt. The mystery shop provider told me to submit the required photos. So we will see. Its not like I didnt need gas anyway.
Try re-submitting a couple of times. That usually works. If not submit the pictures of the overall or MID in place of the gas and product pics. That will work.
Since I don't see the MSC mentioned, are the Blue Gas Stations Exxon/Mobile? If not could you say what they are?

Also what is a MID as in "get a picture of the MID"?
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