Prophet System Photo Tip

I have been using Prophet for years and have always been worried about submitting the correct photos for a shop since I could not actually view the image on the form, just the link address. This is particularly important if I am completing several gas stations on one day and want to make sure I have not mixed up the photos.

I just discovered that if I save the report first, then go back to review it before final submission, the actual photos are now showing. It's a good double check to see how the photos look and that I have linked the correct ones.

This all came about because New Image Marketing returned a shop to me and said one of the pictures was upside down. The photo I submitted was right side up but somewhere between my computer and their software the image was upside down. While trying to correct this problem I discovered the above tip about being able to review the actual photos submitted and not just the link. From now on, I will always save the report first, review it to look at my pictures and then submit it.

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