Tell Me About Shadow Shopper

They keep emailing, and it looks like they want you to pay them. I'm no newbie, but I don't remember them in the last 20 yrs. THX

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You dont need to pay the msc when you sign up. As far as I know anyway. I would personally stay far away from any msc requesting this

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Its not a scam, but I would still not pay them. I got my first ever Mystery Shopping Assignment from them. They are not a MSC, they are a jobboard of sorts. Not sure if MSC pay to list there or not, but you do need to pay to see most of the listings. I got a desperate scheduler that contacted me through their service, and I took the assignment I never paid them and found this forum shortly after that.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
It’s free for schedulers, and shoppers pay to access it.
I don’t think that I ever found a shopper on there when I scheduled. I found more shoppers on V back then ( early to mid 2000’s).
It is a money grab, not sure why any of the MSCs support them.

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Shadow Shopper is not an MSPA member company.

@isaiah58 wrote:

It is a money grab, not sure why any of the MSCs support them. They are proof that the MSPA will let any entity join that pays the membership fee.
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