Getting Started With Assign Yourslef Shopping companies

Hi Fellow Shoppers,

I am a newer to the mystery shopping profession, but I haven’t had anybissues getting started with nearly all the companies I have applied to work with. I have great ratings, and always turn in my reports before deadline. Yet, that didn’t help me when I try to work with a new company that does assign yourself shops only base on ratings. Cause, well, I haven’t shopped for that company yet, so therefore I have no rating! ????????‍♀️

I keep trying to apply with shops in my area with a company, but can’t apply them cause I have no rating! It’s auper frustrating because I am super interested in these shops since they are so close to my home and pay realitvly well.

Any advice?

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Since every mystery shopping company is a separate entity and since they do not share their resources, companies have no way of knowing that you work for other companies and have great ratings. They don't know whether or not you turn in your reports before deadline. Frankly, they don't care. What they care about is your track record with THEM. I know it's frustrating to get started and prove yourself, but that's how it works. Mystery shoppers are independent contractors running their own businesses. The mystery shopping companies are our customers. You will have to prove yourself with every new company. Some are harder than others.

Since you didn't identify the company you are trying to apply with, it's hard to give you advice, since the advice would vary depending on company. For example, if you were talking about Maritz, I would advise you to call them. They typically allow self-assign after you are manually assigned to your first few assignments. And they prefer to deal directly with shoppers by phone. Other companies prefer email. You might email the scheduler to let her know your interest. Did you receive a mass email from a scheduler announcing those jobs? Reply to that scheduler and explain that you are not a new shopper but you are new to her company and ask her to give you a chance.
Thank You. Yes, I am receiving mass emails.
I did actually reach out to the scheduler, but haven’t heard back . I also wrote an email to the generic company email with no response. Your idea to call them is a good idea , thank you.

@roflwofl is dead-on correct. The only thing I would add is this: Schedulers love shoppers whom they personally know to be very reliable. It can take some time to get in with a scheduler if s/he has good contact with a number of reliable shoppers already. If you are struggling to get a certain type of assignment with a scheduler, see if you can pick one up that s/he's struggling to fill - even if they pay is a little undesirable. Once you have shown yourself to do good work with that company and/or scheduler, you greatly increase your chances of being assigned your preferred shops.

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This happened to me once with a large company. I simply wrote an email offering to do the evaluation and explained that I wasnt able to apply because I didnt have a score with them yet. I explained my experience and sent a writing sample and was assigned. I find that it doesnt hurt to email a scheduler and ask for an assignment, ask about waiving rotations, ask about different dates, there is often flexibility.
I know with The Source you have to do a certain amount of jobs accepted before you can get self-assign, and work often with them. but I love the self-assign and it is a goal to achieve this, so hang in and do good work, it will come.

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@AnnetteT, besides all the other great advice posted above, I would add that most self assign shops, at least those offered through the sassie system, have a link to email the scheduler. It may not hurt to send a few out saying something like "I am new to your company and trying to get my foot in the door. I am very interest5ed in this opportunity. I have several shops completed for other shopping companies, and I have always received good ratings and turn in my reports on time and as scheduled. I would appreciate any assistance you could provide on helping me get started with **name specific mystery shopping company here". Best regards, **your name and shopper ID number**,

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