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First let me say this was not a mystery shop, but it could have been since it involved customer service. Just want to let people know how a BAD shop was handled and the results.

I purchased an event ticket from vendor A that was supposed to come with a high priced signed book. The book was supplied by vendor B and sent out through vendor A. The book came but it was not signed. I contacted vendor A who said it was not their fault and pointed me to vendor B. Vendor B sent me a form letter saying their records showed the purchase had been completed. I tried vendor A again, who sent me a form letter saying they were not responsible, however, this time it had the name and email of a customer service rep (csr).
I reached out to the csr and presented them with the facts in a non-confrontational way. I expected another form letter response. This time I got a response from the csr that blew me away. He apologized for the error. The ccsr gave me his number to call. I reached him on the phone the first try. Since he had mentioned in his email about the possibility of being shut down because of the weather, I began our phone conversation discussing that. I told him where I was located and that we just had cold weather. I happen to be in a city with his favorite football team, so the conversation went from weather to football. From there the csr verified my purchase and apologized for the error. He said that he would send me the correct books THAT DAY (without receiving the unsigned books back) and would email his address for the return of the wrong item. This was all done. I received the right books the same day I mailed the wrong ones back, which surprised me.
Following this, I sent an email thanking the csr.

My point is this. There was a problem that was handled professionally by two parties. This resulted in me getting what I wanted, and quickly.
Often I read on the forum about problems with schedulers, editors, MSC's or even other forum members. We all run in to problems with someone at one time or another. Typically, it is the way we handle them that determines whether or not the result is what we wanted.

For more information, a synopsis of the latter part of the situation:

HI CSR: I have been trying to get to someone since we attended the show in here in December. We paid for but did not receive signed copies of the books (2). Are you the right person to get them to us?
HI CURE: I should be able to help. I'm not seeing this email address on any of my lists. Was the ticket order placed under a different email address? It would help, too, if you could email over the receipt that looks like the one attached. That will help me figure out why Vendor A did not send me your info. You should be able to download/screenshot it from your Vendor A account.
HI CSR: Oh My Goodness! Someone who can help me! Thanks so much CSR. I will get the receipt as soon as I get back. In the meantime, you can look under email on Vendor A file- curems@email.com
HI CURE: I did find it under that email address. It's possible that the books were misdelivered as USPS is showing delivery on 12/12. If you didn't actually get those books I'll be glad to ship two more. If possible, it would be best to ship to a work address to avoid the same issue. (He thought I had not received any books).
HI CSR: Thanks csr. The books arrived but neither was signed. I was led to believe that the purchase price included signed copies along with a ticket to the event.
HI CURE: Sorry for misunderstanding the issue, Cure. On the list I have it shows unsigned version. On the receipt it should say "Ticket + Becoming Signed Book" if you purchased at a level that included a signed version. It was all very confusing that there were some levels that had signed and others did not. I'm not intimately familiar with how vendor A decided all that, though.
HI CSR: I tried contacting vendor A. They said to contact you. It IS all very confusing. However, I when I paid for the two tickets, I assumed I was paying for a signed book and a seat, otherwise I would not have paid so much and just gotten the book on Amazon. Is there any way you can help me CSR?
HI CURE: If you want to send back the unsigned copies I can have two signed copies sent. My address is: xxx
HI CSR: I CAN”T BELIEVE IT! After all these months of trying to get to someone to get this resolved, I am finally getting somewhere. Thank you so much! I’ll get it done as soon as I can.
HI CURE: I'm glad to help, Cure. The package should be picked up tomorrow, but USPS is a bit backed up as the weather shut them down the last couple days.
HI CSR: You must be in the Chicago area or the Midwest. I hope you are staying warm and not experiencing anything devastating. We are what I call “chilly” here in Texas – 20’s-40’s. We will be in the 70’s by Saturday. We go up and down every week. Next week is chilly. I understand you will be warming up too. Great! I just wish we had snow, not ice. Thanks for sending the books! I am going to try to get out to the postal point on Saturday to return the two books. If not, it will be Monday for sure.
HI CURE: We're in Milwaukee and yeah, it's been tough. We finally got above zero degrees and it feels like a heat wave. I think we got as low as -40 with wind chill.
HI CSR: I received the books today!!!! Thanks so much for all your help and your responsiveness and ability to clearly explain and help. I had been looking for this since we received the wrong books. Most of the time no one responded and the rest of the time everyone kept pointing me to someone else, saying it was not their responsibility. You need a raise. I returned the other books (in new condition) on Monday. You should have them soon. Keep up the great work.
HI CURE: Ha. I'll definitely tell my boss you said I need a raise! It was my pleasure to help, Cure.

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That's why I was glad that MF Johnston started the thread "Posting with Care." There are so many that come on here and start ranting - unprofessionally. People try to be helpful only to get all of the story later and it's not what was originally posted. And the poster outs himself because there are schedulers on here who read the forum and can figure out who they are based on what they said about the situation. If they just took a breath and posted a well thought-out post they could probably get the situation solved - as many have on here.

That's nice that it worked out for you, Cure. It requires the cooperation of BOTH parties. Unfortunately, many companies do so much volume that they don't really care whether they lose a customer or not. It's one reason that we shop locally when possible.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
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