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I know that in depth tax discussion is discouraged, but I think my question is basic and one many of you have experienced. Last year, I shopped sporadically. I made just over one thousand dollars, not including reimbursements, which were useful and life enhancing. I did not make over $600 at any one company, so I don’t have a 1099 for any of my work. I kept great records and I know who paid what when. I also know I need to declare all my income even though I didn’t receive any 1099s. My question is, do I need to separate it on my taxes, or can I put the entire amount on one 1099 form in my tax software? It would be a lot easier to do that, since I made a little from lots of companies.

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@Stephanieteaches For mystery shopping income, you'll need to file your MS income on a Schedule C EZ form. Just total up all the MS income you made up and put it on the same form to calculate how much you made after expenses and how much self-employment tax you owe. Transfer all the final values to your Form 1040.

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The short answer is yes. The software does not actually send the 1099s you input to the IRS, so the main thing is getting the correct amount into the software. The software might have an option for adding income not reported on a 1099, which would be my preferred method, but either way should get the same result.
If you don’t have a 1099, you don’t put one in. Rather you list it as business revenue on a schedule C. Your software should walk you through all of this.
Don't create a 1099 form. The iRS will (in an automated way) start looking for the copy of the 1099 sent to them by the MSC you listed. There is no need for you to create a 1099 form. Just input the revenue on Schedule C as "income" received not reported on a 1099. You can also enter mileage, non-reimbursed expenses, etc.

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