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I have two companies offering these. They want the presentation to be recorded and a report completed (as I have not done one I'm not sure how in depth the report is). The "pay" is 2-3 nights at resort, about $120 travel reimbursement, and about $200 reimbursement for parking/resort fees/taxes/etc.

Has anyone done these? My thought is I could sit through a timeshare presentation to stay at the resort on my own. Is there any reason people do these? Just the additional small reimbursements? Am I missing something?

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I was wondering the same. Usually, you are offered the same number of nights and there is nothing to write up or record. I would not sit through one of those presentations for two nights. I would also assume you would be a captive audience while staying there and would continue to get harassed. They ask you for a credit card on top of this and pull your credit. Maybe I am missing something, but this to me is a ten foot pole shop.
I don't know the shop but it seems like many of things they are offering as "pay" you would get free as a non-shopper going to one of these presentations.
Exactly. I saw a listing with a different company that paid $90 to go to the presentation. That makes more sense to me.
I have done some where I had a 3-7 night stay, plus travel, plus a dining allowance, plus fee, plus a cash reward of up to $50 from the time share company. If it is an area where you would like to travel, they can be very well worthwhile.

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I did a time share shop several years ago - never again. The interminable phone followups and e-mails drove me crazy!
Some of the car shops are like that. A poster here mentioned Google voice and using an email for shopping only.
Yes, definitely use Google Voice/Hangouts for a free phone# for all mystery shopping, that way your phone(s) won't ring unless you want it to and you get email transcription of all messages.
I set up Google voice, but it rings to my phone. How can you get it to go to a voice mail and get a transcription?
Try to find 'settings' under the Legacy Google Voice and then 'phone.' There should be a check box option to forward calls. While still in settings, go to the 'voicemail & text' option, then check the box in 'voicemail notifications'
I did a Timeshare in Vegas and it included three nights at the Timeshare, 150.00 food allowance and some gift.
I had a great time, and am looking to do another in a beach town 3 hours from home..they pay partial gas.

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@Irene_L.A. wrote:

I did a Timeshare in Vegas and it included three nights at the Timeshare, 150.00 food allowance and some gift.
I had a great time, and am looking to do another in a beach town 3 hours from home..they pay partial gas.

I would love to do that shop. What company offers it? Please private message me the name - I don't know if it is against the rules to post it
My Vegas Timeshare is no longer doing that + you need a work card for Vegas and much experience.
The new one is with a different MSC and does give restaurant expense, but includes two nights, with
lower report fee than Vegas. Years ago fee's were much higher, fees have lowered (my opinion only).
Ask shoppers like SoCalMama who makes tons of money for everything, according to her.

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Every time share I've looked into has still had a fee for your stay. Exceptionally reduced but not free. I applied (but didn't get) a 3 night shop for a resort in TN. When I then thought I'd just do the same thing but no report as I was thinking about going for Spring break I found out the cost would be $300 for the room + tax and fees.

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I didn't get the one I applied for due to lack of Timeshares space...great location, other than Vegas, I don't know anywhere else where you get two nights. I do hate the presentation and it was difficult to record it, so be careful.
Reports are very involved, and I seem to be talking myself out of it.

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TNS has them now and then along with other MSC's..but Vegas requires a sponser and work and and is costly, so unless you shop there several times a year, not worth it. Going to Vegas Harrah's has a kiosk that will allow you to do a Timeshare and no report.

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There is not enough money in the world to entice me to sit through another timeshare presentation.
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