Can we ask which MSC handles a specific client?

I used to regulary shop at a cafe and now the MSC doesn't do shops for them. Are we allowed to ask who might handle that account now?:

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The general rule of thumb is you cannot name both the MSC and client together. One or the other is fine; but both is a no-no.
It is, however, allowed to ask "Who does hotels/gas stations/bookstores/oil changes", etc. Just keep it general.
The reasons for this are twofold. First, telling which MSC shops which client would violate the ICAs (Independent Contractor Agreements) that 99% of the MSCs require us to sign before we can do any of their shops. Second, it is the first among the very few rules that the forum owner has laid down.

And, it does not matter where or how one asks: PM, open forum, email, over the garden fence, , etc., etc.,etc. And, the unwritten third reason would be that asking, when you know the first 2 rules, is considered very unprofessional. Newcomers, of course, simply get the explanation, without any negative assumptions. So, welcome to the forum; have fun doing MS; and hang around to learn and to share what you learn about MS as you grow into it.

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So now you know, and you can ask who shops cafes. I personally don't know of any MSCs that do that in my region. Shops vary from state to state and region to region, so someone else might know of one.
In Utah, I did what I call cafes for Customer Impact, 2nd to None, About Face, and A Closer Look.

But my definition of a cafe might be different than yours.
Well, I'm in Utah too and I'm looking for any MSC that handles cafes. Especially cafes with soup and sandwiches.
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