How much does your guest help you with the report?

I do a lot of dinner shops, and I feel like my guest (well, my husband haha) gets off super easy if I have to do the whole report myself and he gets to relax. I usually read the questions out loud as I am doing the report and ask for his input as I am writing, but I really think he needs to sign up for some shops so HE can do all the typing!

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My daughter comes with me on some of the dinner shops. She helps me get information that I need while I'm there but inputting the report I do it all by myself.

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No help. Hubby is NOT a writer. He is helpful during the shop with getting names and occasional photos, though.
My DH refers to himself as a "Professional Shop Companion"! To be fair, he is very helpful with taking photos.
Mine is in charge of all names and descriptions. This leaves me better able to pay attention to timings and conversations. I also double check some things with him when writing the report.
When I do meals with family and friends, we discuss the guidelines and split up the responsibilities ahead of the shop. They usually focus on names, descriptions, and the overall dining room. I usually focus on timings, conversations, and the other elements. After, we discuss, and I write the report.
I always do everything as I'm concerned a friend who has never written a report might not get the right info, but perhaps I'll start tasking out some of these. I'd feel a lot more comfortable asking for help when they're getting a $150 fine dining meal than when they're just getting a beer and burger. I have one friend who, mystery shop or not, takes photos of every meal he orders, so he's always a welcome guest.
DH is my camera guy. He downloads them from my phone into the computer. Also he reminds me to get receipts, looks at name tags, and drinks the soda or beer that must be ordered.
When my husband was around I just let him eat. I was never sure he would not make some issue like asking for something without allowing the server to ask first. He would frequently tell me about the men's room and once asked the server to pose with us so he could take a pic. That actually was helpful after I got over the shock as the place was really noisy and every table was squeezed in next to each other so it was a good way to have us look like people who loved to take pics of everything. He was top notch at finishing the drinks I was required to order. RIP
My friends usually help with names and remembering sequence.
My husband just goes for the meal. If I bother him too much like confirming if the waitress had glasses, he yawns and threatens to never go again. He does take good pictures though.

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The hubby is supposed to perform certain tasks, such as confirming my timings and looking for names so that I am not completely creepy. He always forgets. Bwahaha. I always ask for his opinion about his food/beverage, but that never goes into the report. I only report on my items.However, he is helpful when looking for specific things. Me: "You can come to this shop. We are looking for specific signage. Comment or walk to the signage that you see, if you see any at all. We have to go everywhere in the store, and you will pretend that my comments in each department are relevant to something. Eventually, we have to ask about something. Follow along, and we will do that last. Then, we leave." Hubby: "Grunt".

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I'd say my guest helps mostly as a prop. She is very good at video shopping, understanding where to stand, when to speak, etc., although she has never done a video shop herself. For hotels and casinos, she is mostly just a prop and someone to help me eat the food.
It is my shop, so I'm responsible. When I can take my teenage daughter, she is a good backup. I want her to have this as an option for supplemental income for college.

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I make whoever comes with me check the restroom. Seems fair since I'm buying their meal.
My girlfriend helps me remember names and descriptions. She keeps up with anything that happens while I am checking out the restroom. She takes photos of her own food. But I do the report. She is grateful to have the free meals. When we go out to eat and it is not a shop we are constantly critiquing. Lol, of course that is when we have a horrible experience.
My guest was of immense help. He took photos of the staff and remembered names at the Red Sox game.
My husband looks for name tags and remembers descriptions. He also invariably ALWAYS reminds me with comments like, "Is it too cold for you to take off your hoodie?" so that I remember about the temperature....or he will comment that the music is "too loud and he can't hear me" or that he "doesn't hear any music this time...." Those are things I forget so often (music and temperature)
I try not to do shops where I bring a second person. My spouse usually wants to have in-depth conversations when we go out. I can't juggle discussing US/Asia foreign policy while trying to keep track of timings, everyone's names and whatever else I need to for the job. I'm just not that talented and am in awe that you all managed it.

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I do mostly one's, but when taking a friend, she enjoys the meal and puts down the tip..too much conversation or help throws me off, I know what to look for, she doesn't and doesn't want too, it's all on me.

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I figure that it's my name on a report. The work, observations, etc. are mine.

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