Juul compliance shop

Has anyone done the shop where you attempt to buy a large amount of Juul product and ship it to them? There are some locations right by me but the pay seems underwhelming for the hassle and lack of ability to keep the product.

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I signed up for two but never heard back from the scheduler (couldn't self-assign). I was having second thoughts to begin with so never reapplied.
I did 8 of these. They are time consuming and involve a lot of steps. You have to pay cash or debit card and reimbursement is in 3-4 weeks. The product has to be sent back in a box (so it doesn't damage the product boxes) but they do reimburse for the box.
I’m doing one in a couple of weeks. It was originally for today but they had to push it back.
Thanks tstewart. That was very helpful. I was wondering if it's one of those compliance shops where the chances of actually being able to make the purchase are fairly small (like the comic book pre-release date shop) but it sounds like you were routinely buying and shipping the product.
You don't get to keep the product. No thanks.

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I did a couple of them. It wasn't too bad. But be prepared to actually spend ~$150 for each store. All the shops I did let me buy it. You can pay with credit card (@tstewart3)! I asked the scheduler Sabrina and credit card is acceptable. The guideline makes it sound like you can only use debit or cash but it was just trying to say to have debit or cash prepared in case the store did not accept credit cards. And keep in mind that if you are able to buy the JUUL pods, the shop pay is increased from $15 to $25.
Oh, I thought it was $15 flat regardless. $25 isn't bad if it's straightforward, and there's something to be said for the credit card points earned with a $150 reimbursement. What's the shipping situation like? You buy your own box, mail it from the post office and get reimbursed for those expenses?
If it's the one where you're shipping via FedEx, they had to do a whole bunch of extra paperwork for it. I happen to have a great FedEx guy and kept a copy of the paperwork the first time to show the person the next shipment. I did tons of these about 18 months ago for a fee that was worth it.

(That company isn't showing anything, though. Wonder if it's for someone else?)

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@NinS There's a google form where you submit for a FedEx prepaid label. You don't pay for the label. The MSC will email the prepaid label to you within 3 business days for you to print. If you don't have your own box, you can purchase one at FedEx and they'll reimburse you for it.

It was definitely nice earning some extra credit card points.

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ishop123 This round is on the ISS platform. They've been popping up for a number of weeks now. There's no danger of my saying the MSC because I can't even remember who it is!
azncollege Thanks for all the great info -- most appreciated. That label printing part might be a hassle for someone like me who actually doesn't have a printer. Hmm.
@NinS You could always pay to print it at FedEx. I think they charge a couple of cents per page for black and white.
I signed up for 2 of these shops, but will cancel them. It's worth the risk of putting up $150, just to earn $15. What is the purpose of this shop? What are they looking for? The shops will sell you 6 JUUL packs, there's no law against that.
I can do 2 drive thru burger shops that will pay $26 flat fee and I'm only risking $14 on the meals.
@johnb974 It's probably a policy for JUUL. My guess is they don't want people buying a bunch ton of them and resell it for a higher mark-up. It's an issue in my area and a lot of metro areas.

You're paid $25 if you are able to buy the 6 JUUL packs, which makes it more worthwhile. Plus the MSC pays every other Friday and always on time. And you can extra credit card points as a bonus.

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I'm curious:

If, for whatever reason, you successfully make the purchase, but your shop is rejected, will you still get your money back for returning them? This might address the concern about putting out $150 for a $25 payment?

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@MFJohnston Probably not. I doubt the MSC/JUUL would want to pay for a shipping label and reimburse you the full cost of the marked up product if you can't complete the shop properly. I can't think of an MSC that would be willing reimburse you if you messed up the shop. The shop is super easy to complete and straightforward. I would be impressed if someone could mess the shop up. You probably could attempt to return them on yourself to the store you bought it from although most smoke shops have a no refund policy

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