Church's Chicken

Can anyone tell me if the Church's Chicken shops still require a reveal? They are posted with very little information, and I don't want to schedule one without knowing more. In the past, they required printing off several forms and going inside and getting the names of all employees. I did a couple last year because they had large bonus amounts, but it was not worth the bonus. On one shop, they were not successful because the teenager who took my order did not upsell a drink. As I was leaving, she ran out to my car crying and said, "Would you tell me what I did wrong? I am in a lot of trouble." Now I see the bonus amounts going up, but wouldn't touch one with a ten-foot-pole if it still is a reveal shop.

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Yes, they are the same. You do the mystery shop, go in and tell them if they were successful or not. You print out the forms and awards prior to doing the shop.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
Ya, I took one of the jobs a few days ago since the description didn't mention it was a reveal shop then canceled immediately after reading the instructions. It's the only time I've canceled with that MSC.
Thanks! Love having the forum to provide answers. The bonus amounts for those shops were getting high enough to tempt me, but there isn't a fee that would make me go inside and ask for the name of every employee on duty so I can submit a report saying they were unsuccessful! Why would anyone do that? That must be the reason the MSP doesn't say it's a reveal shop!
I did one, but no big bonus. Those employees has this reveal job done at their shop before, it was obvious. It was my first one and not really bad. Love to do another one now that I understand all the requirements.
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