Wells Fargo and Chase Bank Shops

Anyone shopping WF or Chase bank shops now? I used to do them with one particular MSC, but they don't seem to have them anymore...

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It’s an ICA violation to mention the MSC and the client. You need to edit your post.
Both are still around, but Chase has changed MSC's.

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I still see WF with the same old MSC.

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Actually the base pay for Chase is higher, but there are few bonuses which were much easier to come by with the old MSC. The bonuses were sweet back then.

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They don't get bonused when you live 3 miles from them,.....trust me.

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@Irene_L.A. I had 5 last month that I think were towards the end cause i got a bonus on them. They flew off the board this month right away.
I see plenty on the board...we must be talking about different companies....I also took an area near me difficult to do, not a lot of shoppers there....no bonus....I just cancelled having read all there is to do for 12.00.

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Chase went down, but if you wait until the end of the month you might be able to get a bonus. I did one for $25 a few month ago
They were $9.50 starting pay with the old MSC, but got bumped up to around $15 early in month and higher later in month. So, they start off higher with new MSC, but don't get bonused much higher except for a few distant locations around here.

Irene, they are truly easy to do with a quick report. I still find them worth the fee.

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.

Zen Shin Talks
Bonuses for chase are rare. I've only done one with the new MSC, but did it for $30.

I would routinely do multiple chase shops with the old MSC for $15 or $20.

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They are 12.00 here, I wrote to Amy and found out the truth, thank you anyway....many brag, we are not getting anywhere near 25.00 here.

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I won't touch Chase anymore. I'm lucky if they have a banker available. I used to make appointments, but just decided I didn't want to deal with them when they were with the old MSC. Too many stupid questions asked by the editors.

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I was told the company is actively recruiting new shoppers in order to keep the prices on all their jobs low.

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I used to do a hand full of these every month under the old MSC. I miss the shops but with 6-month rotations, I won't do them unless they are nicely bonused. There are a lot of locations in this area and I think it will be challenging to find enough low paying shoppers to fill the jobs long term with the 6-month rotation.
I have recently shopped this one for over 20 dollars. There are also a few that look like they will be going over the 20 dollar mark soon in my area.


These are very simple shops. They aren't as complicated as they appear in the guidelines. I really like this MSC, but have no idea who the old msc was for these shops.

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@dawnhu. -The old MSC is the one that prefers to communicate by phone. They work in teams.

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