Can someone explain the JUUL pack mystery shops?

I took a shop for buying 6 JUUL packs. I'm told the shop pays $15. The cost for the 6 JUUL packs is $125. If they shop agrees to sell you the 6 JUUL packs, you are to buy them and you'll be reimburse for the purchase. I thought maybe there was a limit on the number of packs you can buy, but there isn't. So you have to buy the product for $125, send them to the company, and HOPE the shop is accepted for you to get the $125 back. What is the purpose of this shop? You do have to be over 21 to do the shop, so it's not an age check.

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@johnb974 The over 21 years old is to comply with a couple of states where 21 is the legal age to buy tobacco (ie California, Hawaii). But yeah, they run a separate shop for age check.
JUUL only allows licensed retailers/resellers buy in bulk. The shop is to test if their retailers are following their rules about not selling their products in bulk.
Can someone explain how to pronounce the word JUUL, or do people ask for it by using its full name "Just Unnecessary Useless Litter"?
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