dealership shops with test drive(Acura)

I have already done 2 shops for this MSC and so I know the dealership saves details of driving license. If I go for the third time , dealership can easily see this girl keeps coming and test driving every few months .

Have you guys felt the same way and what did you do ? I am hesitant but looking for tips/ideas because everybody who does test drive shops might face the same dilemma.

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I haven't done this particular shop, but others will remove your name from their database. Don't know if that's the case here or not.
Ask the MSC if they have arranged for the dealership to remove your information from their system

I do a local "family" of dealerships and it took the MSC YEARS to negotiate to get them to scrub shoppers' info from their systems. Even so, it takes about 2 months for that to occur, so I can only do 6 per year, maximum.

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.
I got one at a local dealership they are begging me to do. Little problem is I have done it 3 times and just recently brought my new used car at that dealership in Jan. No not an overpriced Junky Acura but a reliable a Hyundai Elantra at a great price.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
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