Panda Express

I will be travelling to an area that may have this shop available. I have never completed this one before since it is not in my area. I know I need to take pictures . Can someone tell me what the shop forms are like? Is there a lot of writing? I will only have my phone with me. Thanks

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You will do fine with just a phone. I often sit in my car and do the report afterwards. Really very easy.
Just remember to take the picture before you touch the food. The photo has to be of everything you received, even if you get a water cup.
It's a simple report. Most of the questions are yes/no, 1-5/1-10 rating, and multiple choice. The only writing is if you didn't give the store a 5 rating for overall customer service/experience and they only want 1-2 sentences. You don't need to time anything or get the name/description of any employee. Make sure to take a good photo of all the food/drinks you order. Make sure to memorize what dishes you need to check for empty pans. You only need to check for empty pans for only a few of the entrees/sides, not all of them.
Thank you for your replies. Now I just have to hope that the shop will be available while I am there.
Also make sure of the time period. Some are after 8 pm so I won’t do those. I have also seen a few for online orders. Make sure read the requirements carefully.
A picture of the plate and receipt. They have dine in, app and drive thru shops. The report is simple.

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
I did an order through the app then pickup shop. You are required to get a receipt from the store, but the employees just said my receipt is in my email. After explaining it to the editors, they finally accepted my electronic receipt. Other than that one time, I've never had any issues.
I quit doing these because the editor has dinged me on my photos and disallowed the shop twice. I have done hundreds of shops and this is the only one so I quit doing them.
Why were your photos not accepted?

"Been stuck in the middle of a vendetta between me and myself" -Citizen Cope
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