I received an email for phone shops for a MSC today. They are on the Sassie platform, and I am signed up with them; however, when I look at the job board, the phone shops are not listed. I have encountered this before. I am wondiering if there is something I have to do to make appear. Any ideas on why this would happen? Thanks Team!

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Click on the additional filters option. Does this company have project types set up? If so, select the phone project type from the drop-down menu, and expand your radius out to 999 miles.

Most phone shops are set up with a physical address, so they will not show up within your search radius normally. For example, we have a credit union client that has a physical address Michigan. Although we may send emails out for their phone shops to the entire state or country, you would only see them listed on the job board at the default settings if you lived within 20 miles of the call center.

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They are either targeting shoppers or there’s a requirement needed that you don’t meet.

If they need shoppers who meet a certain requirement, the shops won’t show up, but you’ll still get the email because when you reply, they’ll ask if you know someone who meets xyz requirement that they are looking for

The emails targeting specific shoppers tend to be a little more personable, since the scheduled is often sending individual emails
I agree with both of the above.

It is also possible that you are one of 10,000 shoppers receiving the same email and other shoppers simply scooped them up before you got to the job board.

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Good information. I searched by the State, and they still didn't come up. Thanks you for your response.
Did you try entering your zipcode and expanding your search radius to 999 miles as suggested by Christine?
I suggested to a couple of Sassie shops that they should change their job boards up so they list phone shops, online shops as a separate tab, because you cannot do a search for them on their regular job board. It would make it much easier for us shoppers to find these special shops. They already have tabs for State&City, Zip Code, why not add a new tab that says Online/Phone shops. Right?
Ah, you may have reached the point that you are offered shops NOT available to every shopper who visits the job board.

If you're interested in the shops, I'd e-mail the scheduler.

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