What is a good job title to use on a resume besides "Mystery Shopper?"

Hello. I am preparing a resume for a research job in aerospace and I need to include a job title and description for my time spent mystery shopping. In certain circles, the term "mystery shopping" is okay, but I do not want to use it on a professional resume. Could anyone give me some ideas for job titles and bullet points? I feel this could help all of us, not just me.

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Customer service auditor, retail compliance inspector

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If mystery shopping is not relevant to the job you are seeking and you have other current experience that is, you may consider not including shopping on your resume. On the other hand, if it fills a gap and you can explain it in a way that shows transferable skills, it might be to your benefit to include it. In order to come up with bullet points, think about how your work helps the client and what skills you use to perform shops.
Independent Auditor, Compliance Auditor. If you're including shopping to fill a time gap between jobs, most interviewers won't care what you did while you looked for work in your field. The main thing is that you did something.
Some advice i gave to someone else on this forum:

It sounds like Mystery Shopping would fit nicely into your resume based on your career field. I facilitate classes on resume writing for incarcerated individuals and one of the first things I tell them is never underestimate your experiences and never sell yourself short. So, if mystery shopping fits into your career field and can help show off your skills, I think it would be great to use.

Regarding using the word "consultant," I'd say it depends on the company and the report. Some companies, you really are a consultant giving advice on how to improve their practices or customer service. Some, you just fill in what happened with no open-ended questions.

Possible job titles (definitely put Self-Employed as your employer as someone mentioned above):

Customer Experience Evaluator, Analyst, or Consultant
Consumer Experience Evaluator, Analyst, or Consultant

You could even do something such as Customer Experience Evaluator and Consultant with your employer then of course being"Self-Employed"

For your dot points, I'd then gear your activities and responsibilities to customer service type skills.


For you, make sure your dot points are geared toward skills you need in your career field. Doing analytical work? Talk about analyzing certain aspects etc.
My sister was in the US for a short time. She mystery shopped for several months. Back home, she heads the Finance Dept at Honeywell. She marked her brief stint as Compliance Auditor.
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