New Client- very different expectations

Let me understand your point of view. If I get the wrong food order, say fish instead of steak, I'm to say, "Thank you !" ? I would think a normal diner would complain and ask for the right food.

I would think most clients want to see any problems reported, corrected and written up.

@kryswyn916 wrote:

@7star wrote:

With guidelines that say don't return the meal or don't complain, they are setting up the shopper to fail. Based on your stories, I don't plan on taking any of those shops. At least some of you got paid.

I disagree! I think they are trying to keep shoppers anonymous. If I get the wrong meal I say. “Thank you.” Food not to my liking or meat not cooked to order? “It’s fine, but I just realized today is my meatless day. Can I have a box please?”

You can complain all you want in the report.

Of course if it’s 5 Guys, I bring a wrong order to their attention immediately.

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