BP gas stations audits

Could somebody email me the name of the MSC. That does BP reveal shops
I use to do them alot but now can't find them

Email address is lorrainedixon1957@gmail.com

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I would not put my email address on a public forum but perhaps that is just me. My suggestion is that you remove it. Linking clients and MSC's is against forum and most MSC rules, so it is doubtful that anyone will respond. I know I won't.
I haven't seen any gas station audits for the second quarter. I was waiting for June 1st in expectation but so far is a no go. Has anyone else heard anything about launch date?
I was wondering the same thing! Usually by now the 2nd quarter would be close to done and also I wonder if they will be doing the Visual ones. I tried to email my scheduler for an update, but I never heard anything back.
I used to love the visual ones and would do lots and lots of them. I too wish they were back already. I am filling my spare shopping time with the dreaded yellow station.
Yeah I was super busy through April but May and June have been so slow and I don't know if I can do the dreaded Yellow ones LOL. I haven't done those in years.
That's why I was really hoping at the 1st of June the Green shops would be released.
I don't mind doing the yellow ones but have a problem with the picky editors. Optimist that, I am I just accepted 9 nicely bonused ones. First ones for this year. Maybe the editors have matured a bit.
Oh boy... I have a (new to me) yellow one coming up, I'd better go see if there's reason for dread!
lowcloud, I suggest you take plenty of pictures, particularly the inside ones. Just in case.
For "Yellow Shops" I've done several of these: For photos, I use the "Rule of Four"
Four photos of the interior - one from each corner
Four photos of the forecourt - one from each corner
Four photos of product offering
Four photos of food offering
All other photo requests - two each.
Do not forget to check for "Top Tier' decals on each pump. Take two photos.
For "Yellow Shops with the Red Stripe" be sure to look for the hand cleaners and gloves at the diesel pumps (single or mixed). Make sure to take a photo if not there!
I have done a few with your company but have not seen any this year. I am in Kentucky.
I do the yellow stripes quite often and the key is taking extra photo's of everything. You may think you have taken too many, but trust me it's better than having to return for a photo. every pump I snap 4, one of the entire pump, one of the pump skirt and face together, one of the valance and face together and one of the face only. Don't forget to look for pump damage like scratches, and missing plastic containers, when it doubt take an extra photo's. I usually take 2 of damage, so you have a backup. I separate the shop into 3 groups to save me time 1) interior, 2) building canopy and landscaping/parking lot and then 3) pumps and trash/squeegees pads and forecourt. Do your report onsite and for me when in doubt add an additional photo just in case smiling smiley .
I still haven't seen any of the green and white one's come up yet for the new period. I wonder what's happening with it.
In my area, they aren't out yet. I've been checking every single day since the first, including today and nothing.
Yes, they are out but at reduced reimbursements. $2.00 worth of gas is a little more than 1/2 gallon. Not good, not as appealing.
Cardlady, I am from West Kentucky. Close to Paducah, but at least 20 miles from any town that does shops. I like the Consumer because it pays for gas. I will probably get some bonuses, but need something to do now.
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