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I've worked my way up to 25 MSC's, not sure how many more I can juggle, but still haven't found any which have any pet store clients. Sure, there are some general hardware/garden type stores which carry pet food and other items, but no actual "specialty" pet stores. I'd love to find a source for the brand of food I feed where I could get the occasional reimbursement. Is this a unicorn? Open to stores in either the US or Canada. No store names, obviously. Just a heads-up on a company or two who may have a pet store client of some type. Thanks!

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In the fall I had a couple quick like $5 shops for pet stores.These might last 10 minutes after being posted. I was on a app and its not a traditional MSC company (I do not even think the name has been mentioned on this site) even though they have big name companies doing service audits for. A certain big Retail chain being one of them, also does their recycling bales in back. I however have not seen any since October for Pet stores but again as soon as you see them they go.
Jancyn had one a few months ago. I was able to get free treats for my pups. Haven't seen anything since that time with them though.
Mercantile (I didn't spell it correctly) had some 3-4 years ago. I haven't seen any since.
There are some for ACL but it might be a local chain that sells their own brand of "home made" pet food. I used to see a few others but have not seen those for at least a year. Never got around to doing one at the time.
About 3 or 4 years ago, I did one for Mystery Shopper Pros, and got a can of dog food for my dog!
Service Check does them in California. There is also an MSC on iSecretShop which does them too.

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Thank-you everybody! Doesn't sound like there's a whole lot of them, and none in my area. I'll keep my eyes peeled and just be content with whatever dog treats and general pet supplies I can pick up from those general farm-type supply or grocery shops. For the time put in, narrative write-ups, and low pay--(Intellishop) I really don't end up doing the farm-supply shop much. I really wish they at least carried the brand of food we use.
Seelevelhx has some. Only in very limited markets. There used to be a very popular chain that was shopped Northfork but I haven't seen it in over a year. The MSC that does those retailmenot coupons has one right now for grooming.
If you cannot find a shop I highly recommend the Costco brand dog food they sell at Costco. It is highly rated for kibble and sells for about $29 for a 40 pound bag. I was paying $60 for 35 lbs before I switched. Their beef or lamb treats and the wet food is also a good price. If you are not a member you can perhaps get friend who is to purchase a gift card for you that will let you shop there. This is not a paid advertisement. I do not work for Costco.
I'm doing a pet food store for ACL this week - first time doing this shop for them. Hope it goes well!

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I have purchased pet treats through product tube. It is an app you get from the App Store. You record video of shopping. I think I have done three pet store videos.
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