What brands and model of secret video equipment do you use?

That makes a lot more sense.
I self-trained and used an old shirt that I hated. I also destroyed a shirt figuring out the ideal button to replace. So my start-up costs were just the rig — which was on sale.

@LisaSTL wrote:

MFJ, for the record it would not have taken me so long to just pay off my rig. I considered all my start up costs which included shirts, altering and a three day trip to Cincinnati for a training seminar, probably $1,100 to $1,200. My first trip covered all those costs after expenses.

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Check with a major video MSC.

From what I saw of the specs, the maximum recording time is only 40 minutes. That means it would not work for new homes or auto sales or assisted/senior living shops, which pay way more than apartment shops. In addition, you could get just one apartment shop recorded before needing to recharge. And, the occasional 45+ minute apartment shop will not fit.

Also, it is not clear if you can turn OFF the motion detection activation. If not, you will get "shattered" video, restarting every time your subject moves. That can be a nightmare to re-assemble.

Finally, I think that some of the other technical specs are below industry standard for MS video. But for that, check with a major video MS company like Clear Evaluations for their minimum standards.

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@walesmaven posted while I was reading the specs online. I agree with her assessment. I was left with the impression that the motion-detect mode was the only recording mode - which would make it inadequate for video shopping. The longevity of the battery is also a definite concern - even apartment shops can last longer than 45 minutes.

@Msaddict wrote:

What about the angel eyes camera you can get on amazon?

Hard work builds character and homework is good for your soul.

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