Do you ever feel bad for giving a bad report on a place?

I did a blue sign gas station shop yesterday. The location pretty much failed due to the guidelines. As of an hour ago, the MSC has yet to approve the shop probably because of all the negatives.

I feel really bad about this shop. The location is great it is just this location has not been upgraded for 25-30 years. The location was not CRIND capable. And the CSR acted liked it was a rare thing to have credit cards come in. The CSR asked me how much in gas I wanted ($5, $10 worth for example), he never asked what grade or whatever. He also could not tell me what happened if I overpaid for gas. When I went to pump, I had to go back into the store just to get him to turn on the pump as he forgot to turn it on.

There were other issues also per the guidelines. But these are the biggest two.

This was a self serve pump and did not have attendants.

Have you ever felt bad for giving a bad report on a place.

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Interesting situation. In that case, the station might not have done as bad as you think as those are probably known issues for the client. The other issues, per the guidelines, you mention still can be taken care of.

I might feel that a couple things I am obligated to report are unfair, but I don't feel bad about bad reports. Good reports are quicker to write, or in a gas station audit, require less pictures to be uploaded, so that's what I prefer to do. Bad reports take more of my time, so I don't feel bad about them.
I report what I see. That is what we get paid to do.

I saw the person making the burgers wear the same gloves while handling raw meat and then did not change them. I saw another person touch the garbage bin with his cooking gloves and did not change them.
I report what I see, but if there are possibly mitigating circumstances I also comment the shop.
I, too, report what I see. If it's a negative, I try real hard to find something positive in the situation to say first. This is just an example, for instance: While the associate smiled and nodded at me, he/she did not ask if there was anything I needed assistance with.....something like that. But if there's a negative, it goes in. I have to admit, I feel badly for the person, but on the other hand, hey, that's what we're paid to do! Some re-training can be a good thing. In your case, there's not much you can do if the location is outdated. Just report on it, and include anything positive, such as: the shelves were free of dust....or....all the gas pumps were clean and shiny. Just stuff like that. It might help take some of the bite out of the rest of the negatives that we have to report.
I couldn't possibly care less if someone passes or fails honestly. I'm invested in doing good work, I'm not invested in the people or locations I evaluate.

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I always wonder about the outcome for employees. Who reads the reports, and who delivers the results? Even a "good" report delivered by a baboon is a bad thing.

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I don't feel bad. I've seen a lot of what I would consider to be minimal upkeep that was neglected. If they don't want me to take a photo of a filthy pump and report it, they should clean it up. If the cashier doesn't want a bad report all they have to do is smile and say hello. I report what I see without any judgement because I don't care. I care about doing my job and that's about it.
I did a car shop where the woman admitted she knew nothing about the car or cars in general, the car had no gas, and she did not know how to figure out pricing. She said she did not feel comfortable working with people either. And, she was a single mom with three kids. She told me about her multiple jobs on top of this. Oh, and she looked like you could add her to the "people of Walmart" page. I was looking at a 65k vehicle. I answered the questions on the report accurately. I did not elaborate though on things that were not asked. The report did not ask questions that would reveal much of the incompetence. I felt bad for her, but this job was not a good fit for her.

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Unless this is a new location for the brand, there is absolutely no way they aren't expecting whatever they get. They know what the audit is looking for and they know what every report before yours has said. I wouldn't worry. Nothing is going to come as a surprise to them.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I don't feel bad, in fact, I give many more good reports and am actually glad when I can point out something needing change...makes me feel I'm doing my job.

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Ironically, after responding to this morning, and shopping most of the day, I just completed the most negative report that I have probably ever written. Stunning that a basic shop could go so horrible. Good example of a typically quick and easy report (2-3 minutes tops) becoming a chore when pretty much you hit every narrative that the report will possibly require. I don't feel bad at all but can take a deep breath now.

I need to go back to gas stations, at least there the pictures do the talking.

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I just did probably the twentieth report on a taxi dispatcher at the airport. This was probably the first time in 20 I really felt the guy was doing his job well. Some of them did their job marginally, some were worse than marginal but the questions did not really reveal all of the bad. Today's dispatcher did a bang up job and then spoke with a driver to take over for him and went off on a cigarette break. He stayed way back smoking but was attentive to what was going on. The taxi driver serviced the next customer while the dispatcher smoked. In any case I had no idea if he was allowed to take a smoke break and give his job over to the taxi driver willing to help. It was awkward to report due to my not knowing if he had a cigarette break coming or not. I tried to report that aside from that break, if not allowed, he was wonderful. Hopefully he will not get called on it. The other 19 not doing this job well should have been. Yes, I felt bad reporting the break.
I don't feel bad about writing a negative report; it's what we are supposed to do. The clients need to stay competitive in the market today, and that means having clean, up to date, pleasant facilities with kind and knowledgeable staff. Having muffins and hot cocoa/coffee or a candy dish on hand for customers is a bonus winking smiley

The only thing I feel bad about is the employees. I often hope that they get "talked to" versus fired. On the other hand, if the employee is doing so horribly during the shop, the employee is probably also just plain miserable in their job. (not happy with coworkers, not happy with location, not happy with type of job, not happy with boss, not happy with pay, whatever....) It could be the best thing for them to switch to another place of employment and they may (after the initial shock/hardship) realize it was a "good thing."
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